The shark does eat the ball now

Plus the debut of Pinball Enthusiasts React, Princess Bride News & More

Lots to cover this week in pinball, so we’ll get right into it.

Pinball Enthusiasts React to the Jaws Ball Eater Mod 😭

This week, Interactive Pinball announced their Ball Eater Mod for Jaws. And the pinball community had some strong feelings about it.

We’re highlighting a few of our favorite comments from the Pinball Enthusiasts Facebook Group in the video below.

TWIP Mood Music

Let’s take it back to 1991 with Chocolate Cake by Crowded House. It’s long been a favorite song of mine. Here’s a quote from lead singer Neil Finn about writing the song.

It was just a little story but it sparked off this song and actually we wrote that in about 20 minutes. It was very fast and we threw in a whole lot of satirical lines about consumption and greed. It came together very easily.”

-Neil Finn


Perhaps the biggest news of the week is the return of the PAPA World Pinball Championships. It’s been 7 years since the last PAPA World Pinball Championship, and in that time much has changed in the pinball community, including the decommissioning of the PAPA World Headquarters and the Replay Foundation auctioning off their game collection. So to see it come back is quite a surprise.

Much like the return of Pinburgh, things will be a little smaller to start, and will be held in a new location, this time at ENTERRIUM in Schaumburg, IL. This new iteration of the PAPA World Pinball Championships will also be run as a Memorial for Suicide Awareness in memory of Lyman F. Sheats, Jr, with all proceeds benefiting Suicide Awareness.

More information about the tournament, including pre-registration, can be found here.

Multimorphic Teams up with Josh Kugler

Multimorphic officially announced the addition of Josh Kugler to their team as the Software Lead on their next big release, codenamed “Project Nitrogen.”

Princess Bride Pinball Drops Monday; Do We Already Know the Manufacturer?

The team behind the upcoming The Princess Bride pinball machine dropped a teaser trailer this week, with the full game reveal set to come next week, February 19th. However, based on some image editing wizardry, we can already confirm that the game is being released on the Multimorphic P3 platform. Check out more in the article below.

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Pinball Website of the Week

The Next Spooky Game is Underway

So says programmer Ben Heck on X (formerly known as Twitter). Also, kudos on the new WFH setup.

Creator Highlights of the Week

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