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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 1/9/23: Elwin on James Bond 60th, New CEO at Stern, Multimorphic Tech Demo, and MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 1/9/23: Elwin on James Bond 60th, New CEO at Stern, Multimorphic Tech Demo, and MORE

The Scoop

Stern Insider Podcast: Keith Elwin and Mark Penacho on James Bond 60th

Nate Shivers, host of the Stern Insider Pinball Podcast, interviews Keith Elwin and Mark Penacho about the brand new James Bond 60th Anniversary.

  • Elwin asked to work on this more classic, retro game for the licensor since he had more time between cornerstones

  • Mark Penacho is the coder for this game

  • Elwin started from scratch with the design

  • Interesting features include: 4 optic spinners, figure-8 shot, oddjob hat spinning disc, captive ball, inline drop targets, bonus collect stand-up target, chimes sound package, and real score reels

  • Trippable inline drop targets can trip all of them on skillshots

  • Has multiball restart feature

  • Insider connected achievements play on the low scores and James Bond Day

  • Includes backlit display elements in the plastic around the score reels

  • Elwin is a fan of Roger Moore as Bond

  • Gadget mode in the game where there are a lot of gadget to unlock

  • Several different multiballs and multiple wizard modes

  • Elwin’s high score so far is around 18,000

Seth Davis Appointed CEO of Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball

Stern announced the appointment of Seth Davis to take over as CEO. He is replacing Gary Stern, the company founder. Gary Stern will continue as the Chairman of the Board. This switch has been in the plans ever since Seth Davis joined the company as President in October of 2021. Seth Davis was previously on the executive team responsible for the Disney+ and ESPN+ services.

Multimorphic Tech Demo

Gerry Stellenberg and TJ Weaver, of Multimorphic, give us a deep dive into the technology around the P3 Multimorphic pinball system. They go over some interesting topics:

  • Entering and working in Settings

  • Diagnostics including the ball tracking tech

  • Digital level

  • Game Feature Menu, profiles, flipper setup, and connecting to Bluetooth speakers/headphones

  • Saving and restoring game state

  • Team and co-op play

  • Detecting cheaters (still in development)

  • Pulling out flipper assembly, playfield, and playfield display

  • Changing game modules

  • Access to walls/scoops

  • Even more mechs and access is reviewed

TWIPY Awards Voting Now Open!

TWIPY Awards 2022

You only have until the 16th to get your vote in for your favorite games and pinball content creators in our annual TWIPY Awards. The TWIPY Pinball Awards are a celebration of the pinball hobby! The TWIPYs are a “People’s Choice” type awards, where the public votes for their favorites in the pinball world as we celebrate pinball excellence.

Pinball: The Movie Will Be Available on 3/17

Pinball: The Movie

The movie Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game has been secured for release by Vertical. It will become available in theaters and stream starting 3/17.

Nudge Pinball: Big Guns And Why Your Next Game Should Be An Old Game

Nudge Pinball
Repair and Maintenance Tips

MarcoTV added a new PinTip video talking all about leg levelers. Definitely some good information for both new and experienced pinball collectors.

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