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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 10/24/22: 007 Stream, Mando Topper Revealed, Pinball Expo Roundup, and MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 10/24/22: 007 Stream, Mando Topper Revealed, Pinball Expo Roundup, and MORE

The Mandalorian Pinball Topper
The Scoop

James Bond 007 Gameplay Reveal by Dead Flip

Jack Danger at Dead Flip brought in the Stern team to show off the new James Bond 007 premium pinball machine. Included from Stern was George Gomez, Mike Vinikour, and others, who go over info of the game as well as rules.

What we learned:

  • A ton of film clips and speech callouts will be coming later

  • Announcer is a generic British voice

  • Will eventually be able to control the jetpack and dropping of the ball on the Dragon Tank

  • Code is a long way from done but license approvals are coming quickly

  • Gomez is a nutcase about spinner sounds and is still working on what he wants for Bond

  • Mike Vinikour goes over the deep rule set with 3 different sets of modes and still more in development

  • 8 Skill shots tracked in artwork on the screen

  • 10 pieces of music from the franchise; ton of John Barry, composer of the Bond Theme

  • Fun game play with only a few issues with ball locks registering; looks like a simple switch issue

  • Gomez was worried about the 2 pop bumpers working and so he leaned toward more interaction between them which might leave it in there a little long

  • 60th Edition will be revealed in about a week

  • Opto spinners are the priority going forward unless they can’t fit in the game

  • 200+ Insider Connected Sign-ups a day

  • Insider Connected App is in development

  • Co-Op will be incorporated into James Bond 007

  • Check out the TWIP Quick Rules on James Bond 007

Stern Reveals the Mando Topper

Stern announced the Mando Topper that includes exclusive game modes for only those willing to buy the $2,000 accessory. The topper is modeled after the Razor Crest cockpit with a 3D holograph display in the center. The exclusive modes include a mini-wizard mode called Mandalorian Madness as well as Beskar Bonanza which is a progressive mode awarding all of the upgrades from the Foundry.

Pinball Expo Roundup

Pinball Expo '22

Like many others, I wasn’t able to make it to Pinball Expo this year and felt very left out as pictures and videos came out from the show. Here is a bit of the news that came out during the show:

American Pinball Update:

  • Virtual tour of the factory

  • Dennis Nordman is working on 2 original titles

  • One of the new Nordman titles has a completely redesigned cabinet

  • American Pinball games will be integrated with Scorbit

  • Hot Wheels will be first to have Scorbit connectivity with achievements

  • Check out the full presentation

Scorbit Update:

  • Over 1M scores logged

  • New app update released – 1.2.8

  • Challenges now allow you to challenge another player on the app to beat your score

  • Now offers Virtual Pinball support

  • Have an open API platform for integrations with other companies

  • Hardware available to connect any machine

  • Integrated into JJP machines without needed hardware through the open API

  • American Pinball will also use the open API for integration

  • After August 2nd 2022 any Scorbitron on a Stern Spike 2 machine will no longer work if the code is updated

  • Scorbit works on 430 different games

  • Rolling out achievements for all modern DMD games where the achievement is displayed on the DMD

  • Works with ColorDMD but they are working on color matching

  • Looking into payment for games through Scorbit

  • Check out the full presentation

Flippin the Script on Autism:

New Games:

Homebrew games:

Zen Studios Adds World Cup Soccer 94

History of Twilight Zone Pinball

Make sure to check out the Latest Games and Rumors page.

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