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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 10/9/23: Brian Eddy Interview, Stranger Things Re-Run, JJP Teaser, New Mystery Pinball Clue & MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 10/9/23: Brian Eddy Interview, Stranger Things Re-Run, JJP Teaser, New Mystery Pinball Clue & MORE

The Scoop

Brian Eddy Interview on Flip N Out With Friends

Stern designer Brian Eddy joined Joel Engelberth of Flip N Out With Friends for an interview discussing Venom, Stranger Things, and some of Eddy’s other work. Discussed Eddy’s gap between Medieval Madness and Stranger Things and how he never stopped thinking about pinball, about appealing to a casual player versus a pinhead, whether mechs or shots come first in the design process (Eddy typically starts with mechs), and more.

TWIP Mood Music

Let’s get into the spooky season spirit with the main theme to Gottlieb’s 1982 game, Haunted House. Sound by Craig Beierwaltes.

Stern Announces New Stranger Things Run

Stern finally confirmed the persistent rumors of a re-release of Stranger Things with a re-release of Stranger Things! The game will be available in both Pro and Premium trim levels, with some upgraded mechs to improve reliability and a new projector system. Pricing looks to be consistent with other recent releases.

Jersey Jack Pinball Teases New Game

Jersey Jack Pinball officially entered the fall new release fray with their teaser announcement on Facebook, with the caption “Countdown to launch. October 19th. Save the date! #jerseyjackpinball”

Pinball Map: New Locations Update for September

Pinball Map is back on Kineticist with another roundup of notable locations to hit the map for the first time in September 2023. This edition features locations like GameOver Arcade Bar, Retro City Arcade, Captain Crazy’s Paradise, Coastal Hemp Company, and more.

Old Games, New Names

Nudge Magazine welcomes a new writer who spits some universal pinball truths. I think we can all agree that World Cup Soccer is always and forever Doggie Soccer.

Mystery Pinball Company Releases a Final Clue?

The Mystery Pinball Company released perhaps their final clue prior to the expected Expo reveal of their launch game. Kineticist collects all the clues so far and provides some reasons why it could, in fact, be based on the 1986 cult-classic film Labyrinth.

For Amusement Only Games Launches Drained Bite-Sized

Drained Bite-Sized is a new, speedrunning challenge for the Drained playfield module, part of the Multimorphic P3 platform. The game is available for purchase and download today, and more details about it can be found in the TWIP Deep Dive.

The game was streamed this week by the Buffalo Pinball crew, who had designer Nicholas Baldridge on hand to explain the game and answer questions.

Odds & Evens

  • Cary Hardy gives his early thoughts on Stern’s Venom Pro (YouTube)

  • The Electric Bat Cast released a new episode – this show is shaping up to be a must-listen for operators (YouTube)

  • Pinball News released their monthly news recap, plus an interview with Pinball Expo’s Rob Berk (Pinball News)

  • The Pinball Innovators and Makers Podcast interviewed David Fix of American Pinball (Podbean)

  • Pinball Adventures showed off some teaser footage of their new game Elements (Instagram)

Meme of the Week

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