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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 4/17/23: Tanio Klyce on Foo Fighters, Butch Peel on Pulp Fiction, and MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 4/17/23: Tanio Klyce on Foo Fighters, Butch Peel on Pulp Fiction, and MORE

The Scoop

MarcoTV PinTech LIVE: Tanio Klyce on Foo Fighters

Kyle and Imoto from MarcoTV‘s Pintech LIVE get a wonderful rundown from Tanio Klyce, lead software engineer, about the making of Foo Fighters.

LoserKid Pinball Podcast: Interview Butch Peel on Pulp Fiction Pinball

LoserKid Pinball Podcast talk with Butch Peel of Chicago Gaming Company about the making of Pulp Fiction. Here is what we learned:

  • Got a lot of good feedback from TPF and other shows on gameplay

  • Peel discusses the collaboration between CGC and Play Mechanix who developed the game

  • Talks about getting David Thiel and getting him to work on the sound for Pulp Fiction

  • They discuss Quentin Tarantino’s limited involvement

  • 434 curse words in the movie Pulp Fiction

  • CGC is open to producing other games besides remakes

  • Peel describes his work of making the shot maps and rules manual for the game

  • The locks can hold all 4 of the balls in the game at one time

  • The center post will come in the game but there will be a plastic plug available in the goodie bag so that you can remove the center post

  • Games won’t be shipping until they are ready which they are hoping will be 3rd Qtr of this year

  • Butch Peel’s passion for pinball and Chicago Gaming Company shines through

Stern Release Making Of Videos: Rush and James Bond 60th

Skill Shot Baby Short

Check out the short preview to what Skill Shot Baby will become.

Twilight Zone Added to Williams Pinball App

Zen Studios announced a big update to their lineup of pinball games going to Stream as well as Twilight Zone being added to their Williams Pinball app.

Repair and Maintenance Tips

Voodoo Glass, Invisaglass, and Stern HD Pinball Glass Compared

  • Voodoo Glass ($249.95) – https://cointaker.com/products?keywords=Voodoo

  • Jersey Jack Invisaglass ($239.99) – http://store.jerseyjackpinball.com/Accessories/Standard-Playfield-Invisiglass.html

  • Stern HD Glass ($239.99) – https://shop.sternpinball.com/products/high-definition-playfield-glass

  • Voodoo Glass and Invisaglass are marked when Stern HD glass doesn’t give any indication that it isn’t like standard glass.

  • The anti-reflective coating does have a green or purple tint to it that can be seen if you shine a white light directly on it.  Standard glass will reflect back white.

  • Cleaning: DON’T USE AMMONIA BASED PRODUCTS.  Instead use only water or a water/alcohol mix.  Use a microfiber cloth for a dry wipe down first.  Then, use a damp microfiber to wipe the glass.  Finally, use a dry microfiber to dry off and remove streaks.

  • Conclusion: Jersey Jack Invisaglass slightly wins out with Stern HD and Voodoo Glass as comparable alternatives.  All of them improve visibility and reduce glares.

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