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  • THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 5/1/23: Pulp Fiction Gameplay, Cactus Canyon Code Updates, Pinball Brothers Expansion, Rayday Interview & MORE

THIS WEEK IN PINBALL – 5/1/23: Pulp Fiction Gameplay, Cactus Canyon Code Updates, Pinball Brothers Expansion, Rayday Interview & MORE

The Scoop

Pulp Fiction Gameplay Reveal Stream

Jack Danger at Dead Flip streamed the first gameplay reveal of Pulp Fiction Pinball with designer Mark Ritchie, Josh Sharpe on rules, George Petro on code, and Scott Pikulski on art.  David Thiel was on the chat answering questions about audio.  We learned the following during the stream:

  • Mark Ritchie is an aggressive player

  • Code and rules are still in development after TPF

  • Spinners are unique and run on bearings and magnets

  • Production is still set for 3rd Quarter

  • 5 licensed songs and 7 original songs included

Updates on Cactus Canyon Expanded Code

  • Josh Sharpe provides an update on the expanded code for the Cactus Canyon remake on Pinside.

  • Knapp Arcade provides a good summary of the updates here, however the gist is that there’s still a lot of work to be done, and Cactus Canyon owners are unlikely to see the new code this year.

  • Given the circumstances of Lyman Sheats’ passing, it seems understandable, even if disappointing.

Pinball Brothers Announces Small United States Expansion

Pinball Brothers USA
  • Pinball Brothers, makers of Alien Pinball, used Alien Day (4/26) to announce a small expansion of their growing operations with the formation of PB LLC USA.

  • PB LLC USA will “improve US shipment of parts and also machine deliveries to our distributors and resellers throughout US.” (source)

  • As an added bonus, Pinball Brothers is offering a $426 discount on new machine purchases, while distributor supplies last.

LoserKid Pinball Podcast Interviews Raymond Davidson (Stern Pinball) About Foo Fighters

  • Raymond (Rayday) talks about how he joined the Foo Fighters team as coder on his 4th game at Stern

  • He discusses the development process for the modes and rules balance

  • Discusses differences between Pro and Premium and the Area 51 Multiball

  • Foo Fighters as a band theme is discussed and its popularity

  • Rayday talks about what he has learned over the 4 games he has worked on with rules development and balancing

  • Rayday walks through the background story of Foo Fighters and the Overlord

  • Checkout our Quick Rules for Foo Fighters (3M’s)

Playing Pinball Matchmaker with Kineticist

Kineticist is helping connect people who want to contribute to the pinball community by bringing together job seekers, volunteers, and those in need of help within the pinball community. Get more information and fill out the form here.

99% Invisible Podcast Covers Pinball Past and Present with Roger Sharpe and Keith Elwin

Popular podcast 99% Invisible uses the release of Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game to discuss the history of pinball, chat with Roger Sharpe about the movie and his experiences, and touch on modern pinball with Keith Elwin. Listen here.

#1 Ranked Pinball Player Escher Lefkoff Gets Existential with CBS News Colorado

  • Escher Lefkoff, currently the #1 IFPA ranked pinball player in the world, gets interviewed by CBS News Colorado

  • Discuss his approach to playing pinball competitively and his family’s pinball barn.

  • He even gets a little existential at the end!

PAPA Pinball Releases New Mata Hari Tutorial Video with Bowen Kerins

Related: James McFatter provides a written Mata Hari game tutorial over at Kineticist.

Repair and Maintenance Tips

Marco Pinball Covers Slingshot Switch Adjustments

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