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TWIP Tuesday – Oktoberfest Updates, Eric Meunier Interview, Musket Themed Pinball, New Pinball Shows, More

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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Oktoberfest Updates

We got several updates on the Oktoberfest title that is coming from American Pinball!


Distributors have now announced pricing for Oktoberfest – it will cost $7,400 USD which includes Art Blades.  Contract your favorite distributor to reserve yours today!

Production Goals

Barry Engler, the Technical Service Manager at American Pinball, was asked on Pinside when production would start for Oktoberfest.  He responded in this post and shared the following:

That my friend is the million dollar question! We are trying to get it on the line by December 3rd… But there are many hurdles yet to overcome. So I am not sure, is my answer.

So the goal is December 3rd, but they know there may be hurdles that delay that date.


American Pinball shared a couple items on Pinside regarding the artwork.  First, they may be doing some alternative artwork as an add-on.  It sounds like the alternative artwork would be more “adult oriented”.  Second, they also mentioned that the artwork displayed on the prototype games is not the final artwork.

A specific portion of the artwork is also causing controversy.  On the backglass, a monkey is shown grabbing two women (see the pic here).  American Pinball has shared on Facebook this artwork will be changed before production.

The Making of Stern Pinball’s Deadpool

Last week, Stern Pinball shared their “making of” video of Deadpool pinball – check it out here!

Buffalo Pinball chats with Eric Meunier

Our friends at Buffalo Pinball (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube) hosted Jersey Jack Pinball Playfield Designer Eric Meunier on their most recent episode of Bro, Do You Even Talk Pinball?  Check out the full episode here!

A couple notable items that Eric mentioned.  First, he shared that the goal is to have Collector’s Editions shipping at the end of this year.  Second, he discussed a bit about what he enjoys in a pinball machine design:

Listener question: Joe Balcer just released an Oktoberfest design, and he is one of the few designers that doesn’t really have a “style” from one game to another. Is there any specific “style” or elements of design that you are looking to incorporate into future projects after doing JJPOTC?

Eric M.: I don’t think I can answer that yet, I mean I’ve only done one game. I like – from Pirates, the way that I like playing games, I don’t like shots that you shoot them and they do one thing and they come back. To me, that is boring.I would prefer there would be a diverter or there be an alternate path for the ball to take. I like it when the player can control things in the game. And do things like an under the flipper shot. I love under the flipper shots. I think it is so cool that the player chooses to lift up their upper flipper and shoot it underneath, and make that shot and you’re rewarded for it. That is something I like.

Looking forward to seeing more JJP Pirates in the wild!

This Month in Pinball – SDTM

Our friends Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle: a Pinball Show released This Month in Pinball (Expo Edition) last week – check it out!

Ben Heck Cuts his Unreleased Pinball Game

Ben Heckendorn shared on Twitter recently that he cut his unreleased pinball game.  Will this machine ever get made?  We don’t know yet, but check it out!

Was tired of waiting for Spooky Pinball so decided to just CNC rout my unreleased pinball game myself. pic.twitter.com/mXznt6bp7c

— Ben Heckendorn (@benheck) October 13, 2018

Upcoming New Shows


Pincinnati 2018 – Nov 30th thru Dec 2nd, 2018

Greater Cincinnati’s first annual pinball show featuring over 100 machines from local collections. All machines will be set for free play, so leave your quarters at home. 2018’s show and tournament will occur at the Holiday Inn Hotel of Eastgate.

Machines from the 70’s through the present will be well represented. Several machines will be available for purchase with contact and pricing listed on these machines.

First Ever Kansas City Game Con Pinball Championship

What is it?

Pinball was invited to participate in KCGameCON, a gaming convention in the Kansas City area focused on growing esports. As such, a Pinball Championship tournament is scheduled (games will also be on freeplay for attendees throughout the event).

Where is it?

The KCI Expo Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

When is it?

November 30th through December 2nd.

Tournament Details

The main tournament, the Pinball Championship, will be held on Saturday, December 1st. Here are the tournament specifics:

  • Format: Match Play

  • Cap of 48 players

  • 12 machines, 4 from each era (EM, Solid State, Modern)

  • 3 rounds of qualifying, 1.5 hours each with break in between

  • A Finals- top 16

  • Novice Finals- next 8 if not ranked in IFPA top 2000

  • During finals the top 2 players from each group will advance until there are only 4 players left for the final round

  • Entry fees

    • $25 entry for tournament players

    • $10 to venue and $1 to IFPA

  • Payouts (with 48 players)

    • A Division

      • 1st $242

      • 2nd $120

      • 3rd $40

    • Novice Division

      • 1st $161

      • 2nd $80

      • 3rd $26

    • IFPA Points: This format will achieve 100% TGP and have a base value of 24 points if there are 48 players

    • Trophies

      • A Division- 1st, 2nd, 3rd

      • Novice- 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    • Prizes: The top 3 winners from each division will also receive new translites, courtesy of Stern Pinball

Pre-registration is now openonline. Keri Wing can be contacted if the registration is full, to be placed on the wait-list at [email protected]

This tournament will be live-streamed on Twitch, with commentary by Dennis and Tony of the Eclectic Gamers Podcast, at this link: https://www.twitch.tv/eclectic_gamers

Questions and additional details are available at the KCGameCON Pinball Championship Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1124105281088487/

— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

TNT Pinball Machine

This one is from a couple years ago, but I had not seen it before…is this real?

A Musket (Re)themed Pinball Machine – Musketball

Is This Pinball?  Kinda sorta…

But it is worth watching either way!

— End of Post Bonus —

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