TWIP TUESDAY: 6/16/20 – DMCA and Pinball Painting

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Tuscon Pinball Podcast Talks to Roger Sharpe

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Last week our friends at the Tuscon Pinball Podcast were joined by Roger Sharpe!! Roger talked and debated why pinball has replays and free games and specials and matches as opposed to getting more free balls so you can see more of the game, talked about how operators could make more money, talks about 3 ball vs 5 ball settings, the cost of games, talks about the older games vs modern games, and much more!!

The pinball Twitch streamers have been hit hard by the DMCA in the past week. This may impact any game that has any licensed music and prevent streamers from playing that game on Twitch. If they do, they could face a permanent ban from Twitch.

Gary and Ed from the Wild Dog Arcade reached out to This Week in Pinball to share the following, which shows how much of an impact this is having:

Zombie Yeti Shows Some Detailed Images of TMNT Artwork

Check them out!!

Bug Emery Now Creating Custom Armor Kits for Spooky Pinball Games

Check them out!!

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