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  • TWIP Tuesday: Deadpool Updates, Thrilla in Sternilla, Crocodile Hunter Pin, Dr. Phil is a Pinhead, More

TWIP Tuesday: Deadpool Updates, Thrilla in Sternilla, Crocodile Hunter Pin, Dr. Phil is a Pinhead, More

— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Deadpool Limited Editions on the Line at Stern

From Stern’s Facebook Page:

Deadpool LE now in full production on the line today! “Get ready for an explosion of color, sound & fun like you’ve seldom seen. Believe the hype. BOOM, BABY, BOOM!” -George Gomez

Love the side blades on the Limited Editions, looking forward to playing one of these.

Deadpool – Bro, Do You Even Pinball?

Buffalo Pinball played Deadpool’s new code (v0.84) on their most recent Bro, Do You Even Pinball – check it out!!

Deadpool Review – SDTM

Our friends Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle: a Pinball Show released an Deadpool Review last week – check it out!


Zach Sharpe vs. Keith Elwin

Deadpool Premium

Nudge Like a Butterfly

Flip Like a Bee

This is Not a Good Joke

As You Can See

Who ya got??

What Happened to the Crocodile Hunter Pin

The Head 2 Head Pinball podcast interviewed Wayne Gillard on their podcast last week!  Gillard had a lot of great stories.  He also shared a little bit about the rumored Crocodile Hunter pinball machine:

“Regardless of what people say, it costs you a million dollars, no matter who it is, to design a pinball machine from scratch.  From design to having a product that you can start putting on a production line and copying.  We put about 250 thousand into it, we had a playfield layout, we had some basic flippable software, cabinet art, translite art.  We didn’t have any playfield art yet but that was where we were heading.  We had some sounds and some voice and stuff as well.  So we were getting to that point, but unfortunately he got killed by a sting ray…He approved some of the art, some of the voice stuff…”

United Flipper Workers

There is a new pinball t-shirt and accessory company called United Flipper Workers!

They are currently doing a shirt pre-order and all shirts are 15% off during this time – if you buy two or more shirts use code FREESHIP for free shipping.  Pre-order will go until Oct 7th. 

Pinball Photos Exhibit

Check out this pinball art exhibit in Newtown, Pennsylvania that features the incredible photography from Pinball Photos!

Enter September Giveaways!

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See official rules here.

— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

Dr. Phil is a Pinhead

It is true.  Dr. Phil is a Pinhead. In a separate interview, he calls pinball one of his vices.  (Thanks Matt Peace for the interview link!)

The best part of this?  This comment we received on Twitter from @Tipsy_Danger_:

“I wonder what machine he has. I like to imagine it’s a Dr. Dude with tape over the “dude” and Phil sharpied on it.”

Robin Williams Owned a Hook Pinball Machine

A collection of Robin Williams possessions will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be given to Williams’ favorite charities. One of those items is a Hook Pinball machine, a give to Williams from Steven Spielberg.  RIP Robin Williams.

Someone Rethemed an Iron Maiden

Let’s try this again – FOR THOSE OF YOU THAN COULDN’T VIEW THE LINK LAST WEEK…here is a new one you can view:

Image result for why did you do that gif

— To Those Who Make This Hobby Better —

Shoutout to @Tipsy_Danger_ on Twitter!!  As mentioned above, he commented on Dr. Phil being a Pinhead by saying: “I wonder what machine he has. I like to imagine it’s a Dr. Dude with tape over the “dude” and Phil sharpied on it.”  That visual was one of the highlights of my pinball week.  Thanks Tipsy Danger!!

— End of Post Bonus —

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