TWIP TUESDAY: February 18th, 2020

— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Backbox Podcast: Interview with Morgan and Kayte Emery

Our friends at the Backbox Pinball Podcast were joined last week by Morgan and Kayte Emery from Spooky Pinball! Here are just a couple highlights:

On the topper:

Morgan: Completely mom’s idea.  Completely.  She designed it, she talked dad into, and here it is.

Kayte: The whole thing was everybody on Pinside was saying “they need a portal”…and I said “can’t we do something like this” and showed them the one we had made for the contract game for the Jetsons.  I said “that moved back and forth, can’t you make a portal spin?”

On future titles:

Kayte: We have some really interesting licenses coming up and some unique things that will be going along with those licenses.

They also talked about Spooky Pinball’s past and future, details on Rick and Morty, supply chains and much more – check out the full episode here!!

Dutch Pinball Update

Dutch Pinball shared an update on their Facebook page last week:

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more about what is going on at Dutch Pinball.

Pinburgh Tickets Go On Sale February 22nd

Tickets to the largest pinball tournament in the world go on sale this Saturday, February 22nd at noon EST – click here for more information!

Homepin Moves to Taiwan

Homepin shared the following update on their Facebook page last week:

New Podcast Alerts: The Pinball Network

The Pinball Network launched last week with SEVEN podcasts! Most are familiar voices that have merged and now work for The Pinball Network under new podcast titles:

  • The Pinball Show with hosts Zach Meny and Ken Cromwell, plus Dennis Kriesel every other week

  • Silverball Stories with host Joshuah Jacobs

  • Final Round Pinball Podcast with Martin Robbins and Jeff Teolis

  • Silverball Chronicles with hosts David Dennis and Ron Hallett

  • Top 3 with Orby with host Albert Agar

Multimorphic Teases Cosmic Cart Racing Career Mode and Announces New Hire

Multimorphic shared the following update on their Facebook page last week:

Pinball History YouTube Channel

If you’re into historical pinball information, you should check out this YouTube channel!! It has pinball presentations and announcements from years ago. For example, last week they posted a video with the following description:

“At the spring ASI show in 1999 (March 24, 1999 according to the date on the tape) Midway presented their “Symposium 1999″ for show attendees. This tape covers the demonstration of the then-new Pinball 2000 technology, using a Bally Revenge From Mars game. George Gomez and Larry DeMar go through all the cool features, then take questions from the audience.”

— Cool and Crazy Stuff —

Stern Celebrates NBA All Star Weekend

Check it out!!

Bowen Kerins on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

Karl DeAngelo reaches Run for the Hills

Demogorgon Decoration

Check out this Demogorgon decor above Stranger Things pinball!!

— End of Post Bonus —

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